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Setting up Enterspeed with Umbraco and Next.js


This tutorial describes how to use it with Umbraco V8, Umbraco V9 and Umbraco V10.

Feel free to use Umbraco Cloud or a different installation.

In this tutorial, we’re going to see how we can set up a Next.js application, using data from Enterspeed and Umbraco.

We've made a demo website called The Flying Trunk, which lists H.C. Andersen fairy tales and also "sells" a book containing these fairy tales.

You can choose to clone the project from Github and build this example site, or you can choose to start from scratch and build your own.

So what do you need to get started? You’ll need:


If you don’t want to run Next.js locally, we suggest using Netlify or Vercel (both have a free tier available).