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Adding data sources

Data sources are where a connection is created to your data source. This can be a CMS, a PIM-system, or perhaps a development instance of your CMS.

Data sources

Data sources are always part of a source group. A source group can have multiple data sources attached and each data source have its own unique API key.


The reason data sources are wrapped in source groups is to make it easier to reference in schemas.

That way you only have to make a single reference, even though you may have multiple sources spread across environments (e.g. Development, Staging, Production).

A data source is connected to one or more environments. You can have multiple data sources in the same source group, but these can't share environments.

On each data source, you can see how many source entities have been ingested. A source entity is a single "instance" from your data source, e.g. a page, an article, a product, etc.

You can delete all these entities by clicking on the three dots next to the data source and clicking Delete all entities.


Deleting entities, deleting a source group or deleting a data source will permanently delete the data and can't be undone.

Creating a data source

Click the Settings-tab and then click the Data sources-tab in the sidemenu. Next, click the Create group-button in the right corner.

Give your source group a name and select a type (the type is only used to better help you differentiate your source groups).

Next, give your data source a name, select one or more environments and then click the Add-button. Once you have added your data sources, click the Create-button.

Your source group containing your data source(s) is now created. Each of your data sources will have its own unique API key you can use to ingest data into Enterspeed.