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Getting started

The ITD-process

To get started using Enterspeed, we need to go through a three-step process - the ITD-process:

  1. Ingest data
  2. Transform data
  3. Deliver data

The Enterspeed process

Ingesting data

In this step, we ingest the data from your current data source(s) into Enterspeed. You can do this by using one of our integrations or by using our API.

Go to the Ingest data section.

Transforming data

Once the data have been ingested into Enterspeed, we can start transforming it.

We do this by using our Schema designer. Here you can combine data from multiple sources and select which data you want to be available to the front-end.

Once the data is transformed it gets stored in a high-performance Redis database that can be stored across multiple geographical regions.

Go to the Transforming data section.

Delivering data

The data is now available to fetch via the Enterspeed Delivery API.

Like working with any other APIs, it's extremely easy to integrate into your front-end project.

Go to the Delivering data section.

Configuring Enterspeed

However, before we can start the ITD-process, we need to do some configuration first.

We need to set up:

  • Domains and hostnames
  • Environment and environment clients
  • Data sources

You will learn about this in the next sections.