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The SitecoreContentEntity is the concrete Sitecore-specific implementation of the IEnterspeedEntity.

Implementation details


IdstringUnique identifier e.g. e61ddc8e-90ad-4d31-bb00-024987a5f2d1
TypestringContentType alias
UrlstringThe current URL of the content, either relative or absolute
Redirectsstring[]Array of redirects for the item
ParentIdstringUnique identifier of the parent e.g. e61ddc8e-90ad-4d31-bb00-024987a5f2d1-en-us
PropertiesDictionary<string, IEnterspeedProperty>Dictionary of property alias and value is the converted Enterspeed property


"id": "e61ddc8e-90ad-4d31-bb00-024987a5f2d1",
"type": "site",
"parentId": "e61ddc8e-90ad-4d31-bb00-024987a5f2d1-en-us",
"url": "",
"redirects": ["/about"],
"properties": {
"includeInNavigation": {
"name": "includeInNavigation",
"type": "boolean",
"value": false
"title": {
"name": "title",
"type": "string",
"value": "Home"
"metaData": {}

Meta data

To process Sitecore specific properties we have added a metaData object that contains:

namestringName of the item
displayNamestringDisplayName of the item
sitecoreIdstringId of the Sitecore Item
languagestringe.g. en-us
sortOrdernumberWhat order the item is sorted in
levelnumberWhat level in the tree the item is in
createDatestringDate for when the item has been created
updateDatestringDate for when the node has last been updated
updatedBystringName of the user that has updated the item
fullPathstring[]Ancestors id's
languagesstring[]Langauge versions available
isAccessRestrictedbooleanValue determining if the item is restricted for anonymous users/visitors
accessRestrictionsDictionary<string, bool>List of users and, and if they can read
"properties": {
"metaData": {
"name": "Name of the item",
"displayName": "displayName of the item",
"sitecoreId": "{0138AB78-5146-4A0C-82F5-DD2FB786C381}",
"language": "en",
"sortOrder": -463,
"level": 4,
"createDate": "2022-05-02T12:33:40",
"updateDate": "2022-05-09T13:03:58",
"updatedBy": "sitecore\\admin",
"fullPath": [
"languages": ["sv-SE", "en"],
"isAccessRestricted": false,
"accessRestrictions": []